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New Professional Ultrasound Therapy 1Mhz Portable Chiropractic LCD Display Unit@

New Professional Ultrasound Therapy 1Mhz Portable Chiropractic LCD Display Unit@
New Professional Ultrasound Therapy 1Mhz Portable Chiropractic LCD Display Unit@

New Professional Ultrasound Therapy 1Mhz Portable Chiropractic LCD Display Unit@

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Professional use Ultrasound Therapy Device 1 MHz Frequency. Pre-programmed and LCD Display Model : BT 05001 Light weight transducer Auto detection of Ultrasound applicator. Microprocessor controlled Digital Unit Pulsed and Continuous therapy operation 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% Veriable duty cycle output of 16 Hz, 48 Hz, or 100 Hz. Clinical protocols, the most appropriate application and parameter set for the patients condition. Iight weight designs for Clinic, Hospital and Home visits.

Auto detection of Ultrasound applicator. Micro controller based design for optimum accuracy. Timer : 0-30 min put power is up to 2.5 watts / cm2, which is controlled digitally Back light LCD display.

Frequency : 1 MHz Ultrasound Output : 15 Acoustic Ultrasound Head : 2.5watts/cm2 Modes: continuous and pulse waves. (1 Mhz) Power socket /Cord provided for different countries :01 No. Therapeutic Ultrasound provides therapeutic deep heat treatment for Relaxation Reduce swelling and inflammation. Promote the synthesis of proteins inside the cells Lymphatic Drainage with cellulite reduction Regenerate wounded tissues Accelerate the metabolism of cells. Micro controller based ULTRA-SOUND contains 100 programmes, which are divided into following manners: Prg.

1-32 are set programmes (With all parameter set except, Power Level which varies from 0.0 to 2.5W/cm sq) Prg. 80-89 are User defined programmes. Spam, Acute 1MHz Thoracic, Mus. Spam, Sub acute 1MHz Thoracic, Mus.

Spam, Chronic 1MHz Thoracic, Mus. Sub acute 1MHz Thoracic, Mus. Chronic I MHz Lumber, Mus. Spam, Acute 1MHz Lumber, Mus.

SpamSub acute I MHz Lumber, Mus. Spam, Chronic 1MHz Lumber, Mus. Acute I MHz Lumber, Mus. Sub acute 1MHz Lumber, Mus. 1MHz Shoulder, Bicip Tendon, Acute 1MHz Shoulder, Bieip Tendon, Sub acute 1MHz Shoulder, Bicip Tendon, Chronic 1MHz Shoulder, Bursitis, Acute 1MHz Shoulder, Bursitis, Sub acute 1MHz.

Continuous output is preferable for following indications Chronic Neuromata Myalgia Sudeks syndrome Tethered scar tissue- This should be treated as early as possible & the increased circulations etc. Frees the scars if very localized then it should be pulsed ultrasound. Pulse output is preferable for following indications. Severe sprain & strains of muscle fibers, tendons & ligaments-Previously these used to take weeks to geta full functions but with ultrasound now takes days. Crushed hands or feet- the immediate use of ultrasonic therapy prevents the formation of fibrous tissue, by the absorption the free blood etc, making the early restoration of function possible when the fracture allow.

Dislocation of fractures into or near joints- these too should be treated immediately to prevent adhesions forming as the result of unabsorbed free fluids. Haematoma from severe muscle tears & haemarthrosis from trauma or haemophilia the quick absorption of free blood is essential for speedy restoration of function.

Acute tenosynovitis, tendonitis, de quevain s stenopsing tendo- vaginities etc. Quick recovery Acute synovitis or capsulitis quick recovery Carpul tunnel syndrome often effective Reticular nerve pains i. Brachial neuritis, intercostalis neuritis lumbago, sciatica etc. Pulsed ultrasound given to the appropriate nerve roots gives immediate reduction in pain. Herpes Zostar- the residual nerve pains is greatly reduced in about 50% of the patients.

Anldyosing spondylitis most effective in early stages, reduces pain & increase mobility. This progressive disease can be kept at a very slow face of progression if repeated courses of treatment are given. Scar tissue - early treatment prevents keloid scare formation and softness existing new scars. Neuromata- it is new scar formation This pain will be completely stopped. Order safe item from us.

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  • Model: BT 05001
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: India
  • MPN: 1Mhz Physiotherapy Ultrasound
  • Brand: Biotech

New Professional Ultrasound Therapy 1Mhz Portable Chiropractic LCD Display Unit@